Strix Lease Service

Strix Lease Service is a nationally operating car leasing company , independent of any brand. We focus on Operational Lease, Rental and Short Lease of cars and light commercial vans. Thanks to our personal approach, Strix Lease Service always puts the customer and driver first. The advice we provide is customized and in line with the customer’s organization. By thoroughly analyzing the car leaseschedules, we offer savings in mobility costs and time. The service level we agree on with our customers is stipulated in our ISO-certified Service Agreement, so that our customers will never be confronted with surprises. We answer all possible questions regarding business mobility with innovative and flexible solutions. Our innovative character is expressed in our products and services, such as Operational Lease, Sale and Lease-back, Kilometre Lease, Rental, Short Lease and Electric Leasing. Strix Lease Service is a member of the Dutch Car Lease Association (VNA: Vereniging van Nederlandse Autoleasemaatschappijen).