FD Gazellen 2016


Hiltermann Lease Groep crowned FD Gazelle 2016

Het Financieele Dagblad declared Hiltermann Lease Groep as one of their FD Gazellen 2016, the annual list of fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. To be eligible a revenue growth of 20% or more over a period of three years is one of the criteria.

The management of Hiltermann Lease Groep is delighted with the nomination. "Our unique proposition makes a big difference in the market, resulting in strong growth", says Norbert Karthaus. "With Strix Lease Service, Auto Lease Company and The Lease Factory we serve the entire leasing sector. Hiltermann Lease Groep distinguishes itself very clearly by offering operational, financial and equipment leasing under the same roof."

Michel Akerboom also emphasized the synergy at Hiltermann Lease Groep. "By centrally arranging financing and back-office, the operating companies can focus entirely on their strength: provide personal attention and expertise. Our people are always trying to create the best solution, which is reflected in high customer satisfaction. "

Ambition and innovation characterize Hiltermann Lease Group. Continuously investing in products and people is critical to meet our ambitions, according to Karthaus: "We set the bar very high towards our clients. The FD Gazelle nomination underlines that we succeed and that Hiltermann Lease Groep is a company to be proud of."